Restore your hair loss and thus your hair problem in a natural and safe medical way in our modern hair clinic. You get your own hair back through a FUE or iFUE hair transplant. With a hair implantation according to the fue method and the ifue method, a well functioning hair follicle with a hollow needle from the well hairy back of the head removes and then these grafts are transplanted to a bare spot. You will see a natural result within 4 months. Are you curious what we can do for you? Then ask for a consultation without any obligation. Do you want more information about the treatment options, the consequences of the treatment and the results to be achieved?

Haartransplantatie voor en na
Eberson HairClinic

Clinic with years of hair transplant experiences

Eberson Hair Clinic has many years of experience with hair implants. Our clinic is therefore one of the best hair transplant clinics in the Netherlands. It is important that the hair transplant is safe and that you get your hair growth back in a natural way. Therefore, always choose an experienced hair transplant clinic with specialist doctors. Eberson Hair Clinic continuously achieves high quality results. And every year they follow several International Medical Courses and Congresses to keep their knowledge up to date, which keeps them at the forefront of their field. In addition to performing safe hair implantations, we also attach great value to personal attention for our customers.

Why do customers choose a hair transplant in our clinic?

It can be a high threshold to a hair transplant treatment to enter. Many national and international customers have preceded you and opted for a hair implant at Eberson Hair Clinic. During the first consultation we explain in detail what we can do for you and how we carry out our treatments. Are you already wondering why many customers choose Eberson Hair Clinic and what the results are of our treatments? See the benefits and results.

-Hair clinic, 15 years specialized in hair transplants
-The best results in the Netherlands
-Review of 9.6 on
-Innovative treatment methods for best results
-Consultation by doctor
-Easy to reach because of its central location in the Netherlands

Restorative treatment of the FUT hair transplant method

Have you had a hair transplant treatment in the past, but are you not satisfied with the results? In that case, you can also contact us! The FUT hair transplant technique is known for leaving a large scar. That’s why the Eberson Hair Clinic can be used, for example, to repair a scar after a FUT hair transplant. Due to the disadvantages, we do not execute the FUT method. Instead, we use the FUE and iFUE hair transplant method. Disappointing results from previous hair implantation can often be restored or improved at our clinic. Curious what we can do for you? Read more about the recovery treatments.

Causes and treatments of hair loss

Hair loss is a common problem and is experienced as unpleasant by many people. On average, a person loses 50 to 100 hairs per day. If someone loses more hair, one speaks of extreme hair loss or baldness. At our clinic you can restore hair loss with the help of hair implants. Thanks to hair implantation it is possible to restore your natural hair growth. Our hair implants do not leave any noticeable scars. You are assured of a beautiful result. What is the cause of hair loss and baldness in men and women? How is hair loss best treated? Read more about the causes and treatment of hair loss on the page below.

Costs of a hair implant treatment

The rates of a hair implant treatment are varied. The cost of a hair transplant depends on the complexity of the treatment and the degree of hair loss. We usually give an indication of the prices in advance. We work with zones and for each treatment zone we have made an estimate of the number of grafts needed. The cost of hair transplant treatment therefore depends on the treatment area and the number of grafts needed. To determine the costs of a hair transplant, you can request a free consultation with the specialist. To estimate your number of graphs and price indications, please refer to the rates page.

Examples of hair transplant experiences

The pictures below show the result of a hair implant treatment. These are the results of six months after the treatment. Here you will find more results of our hair transplant treatments.

"Dr. Eberson is a friendly, thoughtful and highly skilled physician. Waiting time short in my case. There is a pleasant atmosphere during the treatment. The assistants are also friendly and conscientious. A splendid result. So I am very satisfied with the treatment. Two weeks later, I was even able to play normal sports again.