Welcome to the Eberson Hair Clinic – Holland, the preferred choice of many international patients

The Eberson Hair Clinic is a classic private clinic located in the heart of Holland, offering a comfortable degree of privacy for all the patients that are interested in high quality hair transplant surgery.

The clinic has in its management a well-trained team of assistants and technicians, dedicated to deliver the finest and most natural-looking results possible, as well as optimal after-care, tailored to suit your personal needs.

Apart from this, the location of the clinic allows our patients to travel easily to and from their hotel, by car or by public transportation, without the hassle of traffic delays.

Being situated in Veenendaal, the center of  The Netherlands is a great advantage for all our travelling patients.

On request, our staff can arrange the hotel reservations in a venue that suits your personal requirements.Haatransplantatie kliniek eberson

For the exact positioning of our address, please consult Google maps.

Who we are

Our mission
Helping our patients with their hair loss, by skilled, motivated and customer-oriented medical team members in order to increase their confidence .
Our philosophy
We provide each patient with the highest standard in terms of hair restoration surgery and the most natural results of world -class.
Our know how
To provide consistent results of top quality requires a lot of knowledge and skills but also continuous medical education for the entire hair team.

Meet our team

Dr H. EbersonHair transplant surgeon

Consult haartransplantatie dr Eberson

Dr Harald Eberson (Born in 1972, Belgium) is a highly experienced Dutch Hair Transplant Surgeon and member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS). With almost 10 years experience exclusively in (FUE) hair restoration, Dr Eberson was one of the first Dutch doctors that practices  exclusively the FUE method and has performed amongst the highest number of FUE Hair Transplant procedures in The Netherlands. He performs the most advanced forms of FUE and iFUE – which is a minimally invasive hair transplant technique. His passion and meticulous attention to detail places him amongst the top hair doctors in Europe that can offer you safe for life procedures achieving totally natural and undetectable results

Assistants and technicians
All hair restoration technicians have 10-15years of experience.

Memberships & acknowledgments


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