Get your natural hair growth back thanks to Eberson’s hair transplant techniques

Hair transplant techniques are used to move a well-functioning hair follicle from a well-harvested place to a less-harvested place. With these sustainable hair transplant techniques you can restore your hair to the necessary volume or combat bald spots. Within two weeks after the treatment you will see results. There are various hair transplant treatments, including the FUT hair transplant technique, the hair transplant FUE technique and the hair transplant iFUE technique. At Eberson Hair Clinic, we use the best iFUE method. Below, for the sake of completeness, all treatment methods are briefly explained, so that you can make the right choice between the hair transplant techniques.

  • A natural way to restore your hair growth
  • Hair transplant at a specialized clinic
  • The most experienced FUE hair transplant doctor in the Netherlands
  • Highest achievable implantation density
  • Small-scale clinic and therefore a lot of personal attention
FUE haartransplantatie

 Hair transplant FUT method

The hair transplant FUT method is one of the hair transplant techniques. With the hair transplant FUT method, hair roots are moved from the back or side of the head to the area to be treated.

Advantages of hair transplant FUT

  • Cheaper than the FUE method
  • 3000 – 5000 grafts can be done in a one day treatment session
  • Shorter operation time than FUE

Disadvantages of hair transplant FUT

  • Visible linear scar in the donor area
  • Healing of the donor area is very difficult to influence

Due to the adverse consequences for the client, we no longer apply this method in our clinic. However, we do treat scars from older FUT treatments.

FUE haartransplantatie operatie

Hair transplant FUE method

The hair transplant FUE method is also one of the hair transplant techniques. The FUE method involves removing hair roots one by one from the back of the head or from the sides of the head and placing them back into the area to be treated.

Advantages of hair transplant FUE

  • No direct visible scars
  • Faster healing and recovery time than with the FUT method
  • The treatment size of the transplant can be adapted to the client’s wishes.

Disadvantages of hair transplant FUE

  • Labour intensive: fewer grafts can be transplanted per day than with FUT
  • More expensive than the FUT method
  • Head often needs to be shaved completely and very briefly.

Hair transplantation iFUE method

Finally, the hair transplantation iFUE method is the latest hair transplant technique. The iFUE method is a more advanced version of the FUE hair transplant. Together with a number of colleagues, Dr Eberson has improved the classic FUE method.

Advantages of hair transplantation iFUE

  • Higher survival rate of the transplanted grafts.
  • Faster recovery time of the wounds both in the donor area and the implantation area

Disadvantages of iFUE hair transplant

  • More expensive than the FUE method
  • This labour-intensive method allows us to implant 1500-2000 grafts at most per day treatment
Consult haartransplantatie dr Eberson

The possibilities of hair transplant clinic Eberson Hair Clinic

Our hair transplant clinic specializes in the FUE and iFUE hair transplant method. With these hair transplant techniques you can restore your natural hair growth in our hair transplant clinic. After a while, there is nothing visible of the treatment and it seems as if your hair has grown naturally. Our hair transplant clinic offers every client the highest standard in hair surgery. Do you have any questions about our hair transplant techniques or are you curious about what we can do for you? Please contact us. We will gladly explain it to you in fine detail!

Positive hair transplant experiences of our clients

In our hair transplant clinic we have already performed many hair transplant techniques. To give you an idea of the possibilities of our hair transplant clinic, we regularly make before and after photos of the treatments. Below you will find some examples of the results we have achieved with an FUE treatment or an iFUE treatment. Curious about the hair transplant experiences of our clients? Take a look here.

"Dr. Eberson is a friendly, thoughtful and highly skilled physician. There is a pleasant atmosphere during the treatment. The assistants are also friendly and conscientious. A splendid result. So I am very satisfied with the treatment. Two weeks later, I was even able to play normal sports again."