Dear readers and followers it has been a while ago I have written something new on this blog. We have been extreme bussy with doing a lot of Fue hair transplants last year so writing didn’t really come into my mind.

Many patients we give a lot of advise about using common well known hair loss medications like Finasteride or lotions like minoxidil. But a lot patients are asking if they can add something more natural and easy to use like vitamins?

Well off course you can. Did you ever just think about using extra (multi) vitamins?

Now your probably thinking, hair loss is more a problem due to genetic cause. Yes it’ s more common in male or female pattern baldness but there can be a lot of other reasons why balding is present. In fact there are numerous factors that can actually trigger hair loss, including vitamin deficiency, hormone fluctuations and yes even physical or emotional stress. Additional causes of hair loss can be traced to harsh chemicals, excessively tight hairstyles, and hard brushing.

Please keep reading to learn more about the best vitamins for stopping hair loss.

There are 5 vitamins particular that support healthy hair and they are easy to remember! 

Vitamine A –  B –  C –  D and  E:

Many people and particular women know that vitamin A (retinol A creme) is good for the skin and now we know also for hair.

-Vitamin A aids in the growth and maintenance of your hair and skin and also regulates the Retinoic Acid that is present in your hair follicle. Vitamin A is also integral in the creation of sebum, which is the oil that lubricates the hair roots and prevents hair from drying out.

-B vitamins are well known vitamins and essential in preventing hair loss and also help restore shine and thickness to hair.

What is the connecting of vitamine B with hair loss? Well we all know that severe or enduring stress is closely associated with hair loss and using vitamine B can help your body in coping with stress.

– Vitamine C is a well known one and lots of patients know it’s good for the immune system. But did you know it is also advised as a cure for hair loss?  Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant and plays an important role in red blood cells (iron uptake) and collagen production, which promotes healthy hair growth.

– Vitamin D has been proven effective in treating a lot of skin problems and diseases like Psoriasis. However, more than that, this special vitamin is also among the vitamins for hairWhat it does is that it stimulates the hair follicles, including the cells that form the shaft. That means more hair grows on your scalp. Note, you need at least 1000 IU daily of Vitamin D to sufficiently treat hair loss.

– Last but not least,we know Vitamin E, same as Vitamin A, as the vitamin for the skin. However, it also builds capillaries in the body and promotes better blood flow in the scalp. Such will stimulate hair growth; thus, improving hair loss.

So baldness can be treaten that easy by just taking as many vitamins as possible?

No and be aware !

When it comes to vitamins in common, we’re pretty much pre-programmed to think they can only do wonders for the hair, skin and nails. But actually that’s not always the case. Fat-soluble vitamins A, D and E can be stored in our bodies and lead to toxicity, which may show up as brittle hair that’s literally breaking off, or, in more extreme cases, hair loss.The effects of high levels will also likely present itself through other physical symptoms, which should be investigated by a doctor. By the way did you know that there is another surprising source of hair that breaks is consuming excessive amounts of sushi, which can lead to high mercury levels.

So finally many hair loss patients know that having hair loss can be discouraging, but keeping your hair healthy and beautiful can be achieved by incorporating these beneficial vitamins into your daily diet. Try to incorporate eating a balanced diet plentiful in fruits and vegetables as well as lean protein and “good” fats such as avocado and nuts will be good for your hair and your overall health.

Dr Harald Eberson, Amsterdam.